Respect says “Casi-NO!”


 Respect says “Casi-NO!”


From: Respect-The Unity Coalition Milton Keynes (represented by George Galloway MP in the UK parliament).

Respect says “Casi-NO!”

The decision to allow Milton Keynes a license for a regional casino has been welcomed by local Councillors and MP’s alike. The promise of up to 250 new jobs is heralded as a perfect reason for the development to take place, adding to the entertainment mix of Milton Keynes, the “city that thinks differently”.

Respect: Milton Keynes is launching a campaign to oppose this development.

Jamie Chalmers, branch chair, thinks that the Casino will not benefit the town. “Recent research carried out by the Government has shown that significant social problems arise when Casinos open in new areas. Issues like problem gambling are the tip of the iceberg; the only winners at Casinos are the Casino owners, and everyone else loses in the long term. The creation of a few jobs does not justify the lasting damage that will be caused by a Casino being opened in Milton Keynes.”

Respect: Milton Keynes believes the people of Milton Keynes should be consulted on the possibility of a Casino in the town and call for a referendum on the subject: “Milton Keynes Council did initial research into a Casino in 2006 and nearly fifty percent of the 2000 people they asked were opposed to the idea. We want a proper debate on the subject and proper consultation. It is not acceptable for the democratically elected members of the Council and our MP’s to think that a Casino is right for Milton Keynes without actively asking the people of Milton Keynes.”

The opposition to any future Casino in Milton Keynes is reinforced by a call for more investment in public services that benefit families in the town. Jamie Chalmers stated “Milton Keynes has a serious lack of facilities that families can use for little or no cost. The attractions at the City Centre come with a high price tag, and we are calling for the Council to use taxpayers’ money to invest in Family Centres and Youth Clubs, providing safe and positive places for families and children to spend time together. We don’t want Casinos that take money out of the pockets of those who need it – we want public facilities that encourage families to spend time with one another participating in positive activities.”

For more information on the Respect says Casi-NO campaign, or for media interviews contact Jamie Chalmers on Tel: 07940973677 or 01908 221161


Visit our web sites at:

Milton Keynes:

National Respect web site:

Update:Milton Keynes Respect has now started a petition to stop the proposed Casino. On Saturday in Bletchley we collected many dozens of signatures from local people. We will continue to collect signatures and  present the petition to Milton Keynes Council when the Casino planning application comes up for approval.

Ten positive alternatives to the Milton Keynes Casino

1. A beach and ‘sea front’ for families – a joint private/public investment

2. A new regional athletics track with seating

3. Youth Club Centre and Training Centre for Youth Leaders / Club Leaders

4. Family Centre / Meeting Place

5. An Adventure Training Centre for MK kids and local Youth clubs

6. A diving pool with aqua lung centre for diving instruction

7. A new water sports centre

8. A Milton Keynes Archaeology/History Museum (its all stuck in a warehouse!)

9. A new modern, multi-media library (the main library is SO dated!)

10. A new Environmental  Park (learning about our parks and MK environment with a resource/learning centre, family cafe) with a City Farm / Zoo (run as a  charity for all MK citizens).


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