Casi-NO! Campaign


Milton Keynes “Casi-NO!” Campaign

You can now sign the petition at 10 Downing Street E-Petition HERE (or go to:

It reads: “We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to stop Milton Keynes Council in their senseless plan to develop a casino in Milton Keynes”.

Background Information: 
Milton Keynes has been granted a license for a Casino. Despite the substantial evidence that shows the significant economic and social problems that occur when Casinos are built in areas, the powers that be in Milton Keynes remain keen that this should take place. The promise of a few jobs and a small amount of planning gain are used to justify the development, which will take money from the hands of those who most need it and put it in the pockets of the Casino owners.

Milton Keynes does not have a Casino, and does not need one. There are plenty of existing gambling options in the town. Milton Keynes needs more public facilities that can inspire people and that can be accessed without costing a fortune.

Milton Keynes Council should a) hold a referendum to gauge public opinion on the subject and b) have the sense to not develop a facility that will have little benefit to anyone except the people that own it. They should consider the public health of the residents as a priority and not be blinded by the dazzling lights of such a development.

We ask the Prime Minister to support this campaign and, in doing so, protect the interests of the people of Milton Keynes.

You can now contact the Milton Keynes “Casi-NO!” Campaign at its own E-Mail address at:


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