Milton Keynes Respect Stall


Note: The next Respect stall in 2009 will be in late May (on a Saturday same place and time) – date to be arranged. A new notice will be placed on this site.

Join us at the Respect stall Saturday in Bletchley

Respect members and supporters will be meeting late May details to be confirmed – watch this site) from 11.30am to 1.30pm outside the Coop, Bletchley, Milton Keynes at our monthly Respect stall.

This is an opportunity for anyone interested in Respect to turn up for a chat for five minutes (and collect your free Respect newspaper) or to help out with the stall for a short if you want – its up to you.

The Respect stall in very popular in Bletchley and lots of fun, we have loads of leaflets and Respect newspapers for the last few months to give away. If you think left ideas are not popular just come along for a few minutes and see for yourself that many working people in Milton Keynes are looking for a progressive alternative to New Labour.

Why not join us? – all welcome for any amount of time.

Our last stall Report: Once gain a lively stall with lots of support from the people of Bletchley and Milton Keynes. Lots of Respect newspapers given out and many people signed the STWC  “Troops Out” petition.



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