Support Milton Keynes Postal Workers

mk-march-dsc-0023Respect supports Milton Keynes Postal Workers (CWU members)

Milton Keynes March and Rally a Great Success (from the CWU web site)

CWU Eastern Region secretary Paul Moffatt has hailed Saturday’s march and rally to save Milton Keynes Mail Centre as “a great success that we have to build on.”
Around 500 people gathered at the closure-threatened Milton Keynes Mail Centre and marched to a town-centre rally, where CWU deputy general secretary Dave Ward, the union’s Midlands Region secretary Lee Barron and local MP Phylliss Starkey also spelled out the need to keep up the fight to save local jobs and services.

And, as was evident at a similar protest in Crewe just a couple of weeks ago, determination to fight for this crucial public service is shared right across communities, both marches attracting a wide range of political support and backing from local business leaders as well as the general public.

“I was delighted with the turnout,” said Paul, “we focussed on the key themes of: ‘Save Milton Keynes Mail Centre, Our Jobs, Our Community, Your Service, Everyone’s Future’.”

With crucial national negotiations over the future of the company’s mail centre network set to take place this week, against the backdrop of preparations for official strike ballots at each of 14 closure-threatened mail centres across the country, a strong turnout at Saturday’s march was critical, Paul explained.

“The march and rally was a great success in galvanising all of us to step up our campaign to save our mail centre, but we have got a lot of work to do to build on this.”

“It’s not only an issue for our members, but for the whole of Milton Keynes, the general public and, importantly, the local business community,” he stressed, adding that, if this week’s talks do not result in an acceptable solution, Paul expects Milton Keynes members to strongly back the call for action in the forthcoming ballot.

Although the union has stressed that it will make every effort to reach a new national agreement on the future of the network, and will approach this week’s talks in a positive manner, the CWU insists that it is ready for industrial action if necessary.
CWU deputy general secretary Dave Ward has pledged repeatedly that the union will “fight every inch of the way” against Royal Mail’s closure programme, arguing that the company’s “piecemeal” approach is extremely damaging, not only to members’ livelihoods, but also to the future viability of the company itself.
And Dave has also warned the company that, unless it changes course, and negotiates an acceptable new national agreement with the union, the odds are that the mail centres dispute could lead to a full national industrial action ballot.
Photo Credits: FILMAR Photography is happy for CWU branches to download the pictures but on the express condition that due credit is given along similar lines to: Pic(s) by FILMAR Photography.
More pictures at CWU web site HERE

Respect members supported this demonstration (the biggest trade union demo in Milton Keynes for years) by CWU members and displayed our new Respect banner for the first time (sorry no pictures).  Respect would urge all members of the public and trade union members to support our Postal Workers in defence of their jobs and the carving up and deregulation of the postal services as a direct result of “New Labour” free market policies. NO JOB CUTS – DEFEND THE POSTAL SERVICE AND WORKERS



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