No2EU – Yes to Democracy


The ‘No2EU Yes to Democracy’ campaign
No2EU Yes to Democracy is an electoral platform. It is a trade union-backed alliance of political parties and campaigning groups. We believe the time is right to offer the peoples of Britain an alternative view of Europe.

The recent referendum in Ireland clearly demonstrates that the working people of Europe are not happy with the direction the EU is taking. The failure of the mainstream parties to represent this feeling has led to a political vacuum.

We will not sit in the European parliament in the event of winning any seats. Our candidates will only nominally hold the title MEP and will not board the notorious EU gravy train.

We want to see a Europe of independent, democratic states that value its public services and does not offer them to profiteers; a Europe that guarantees the rights of workers and does not put the interests of big business above that of ordinary people. We believe the current structures of the EU makes this impossible.

We say…

  • Reject the Lisbon Treaty
  • No to EU directives that privatise our public services
  • Defend and develop manufacturing, agriculture and fishing industries in Britain
  • Repeal anti-trade union ECJ rulings and EU rules promoting social dumping
  • No to racism and fascism, Yes to international solidarity of working people
  • No to EU militarisation
  • Repatriate democratic powers to EU member states
  • Replace unequal EU trade deals with fair trade that benefits developing nations
  • Scrap EU rules designed to stop member states from implementing independent economic policies
  • Keep Britain out of the eurozone

Our candidates

South East – Ten candidates
Professor Dave Hill – Former East Sussex Labour Group leader
Garry Hassell – RMT executive committee
Kevin Hayes – Ford worker
Owen Morris –Construction worker and supporter of Lindsey and Olympic site protests
Gawain Little – Teacher and CND National Council member
Robert Wilkinson – NUT Wokingham and District Secretary
Jacqui Berry – Medway trades council president
Nick Wright – Graphic designer and teacher
Nick Chaffey – Youth worker
Sarah Wrack – Student Sussex University

Read more at the No2EU Web Site

Read Nick Wracks Southwark Respect article on No2EU


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