Neil Williams E-Mail:

Tel: 01908 241094 – ring or E-Mail any time for up to date details

Neil was previously the Secretary of the old Milton Keynes Respect branch.

He is currently Chair of the Milton Keynes Campaign for State Education opposing Academy schools in Milton Keynes. Neil has been a member of UNISON all his working life and is a past Chair of Milton Keynes Council branch of UNISON.


Jamie Chalmers E-Mail:

Branch Meetings:

The new Milton Keynes RESPECT Renewal branch had its first meeting towards the end of January 2008. All meeting are now open to memebsra nd non members but only members can vote.

A members activist meeting will take place in the new year to plan the branch meeting and other events. The dates of all meetings will be posted on this page as and when they are agreed.

Between now and the first branch meeting we will be contacting all old members of MK Respect and our large contact list to explain why we have formed MK RESPECT Renewal and to issue information about us. We are confident that the vast majority old old Respect members locally and nationally will join us in the democratic new Respect Renewal that will not be under the control of any one Party or faction.

Next Milton Keynes RESPECT Branch Meeting:

Thursday 17th July 7.3opm to 9pm at Neil’s house (ring Neil for details or E-Mail Neil). Free cake, tea and coffee for all!

More details and agenda nearer the date of the meeting (or ring Neil – Tel: 01908 241094). Open to members and all interested in joining or serious about finding out more about RESPECT Renewal. We will be discussing how to build Respect and the left in Milton Keynes and other local towns such as Luton and Bedford.

Respect Renewal Stall:

The MK Respect stall will normally be on the second Saturday each month between 11.30am to 1.30pm outside the Coop Store, Bletchley High Street, Milton Keynes. Full details will be posted here nearer the date.

Why not pay us a visit and collect your copy (price 80p) of the new monthly RESPECT Renewal paper?

Note: From July 2008 we have dropped the ‘Renewal’ in Respect and are now just Milton Keynes Respect (there is only one Respect and we are it!). We have also changed our blog title to RESPECT: MILTON KEYNES


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